Mystic Forge

All night long Blacksmith was crafting something, having locked himself in the Forge; and now he has finally shown us the result of his work! Behold, hero, two updates at once: a current one and a future one. Blacksmith's Anvil has already changed along with its magic features: Upgrading and Reforging items. And a base for the mysterious (for now!) Cachenos Cube is hinting at new advantages of the Forge. But first things first.

To Upgrade items of any level you don't need these obsolete anvils and metals anymore - since now, every equipment item can be boosted using any other equipment item of an equal or lesser level and quality. For that you just have to select an item for upgrade, and then put on the Anvil other items (which you are willing to sacrifice) until the upgrade progress reaches 100%, and after that - hit 'Forge'. Each item has its own upgrade value, which depends on quality level (common, rare, perfect and epic) and upgrade number (from 0 to 3). Thus, for example, a perfect 10 level item can be upgraded at 3 stars, spending 18 similar items of the 10 level or just one with level 7, previously upgraded at 3 stars. Each item's upgrade value can be checked in the Forge. If you don't immediately have enough items for 100%, you can upgrade the item partially, progress will be saved. Besides that, new upgrade technique can be used for epic quality items, too.

With Reforging everything has become even simpler - anvils and emeralds are not needed anymore. Yet Blacksmith is thinking about increasing the prices, so you'd better hurry up!

Looking at all these innovations, the Titans decided to jump the bandwagon: monster drop probability for common items and lair drop of rare items have been increased; all Market bids have been returned to their owners (commissions returned, too), and Market itself is temporarily closed for inspection. Equipment sets have been removed from the Shop.

Compensation for blacksmith ingredients has started! They are issued on a first-served basis, and will end in a few days. Titans ask you to be patient.
For the metals you possess, Whetstone artifacts with 1 upgrade value point get accrued. The higher metal' level and quality, the more whetstones a hero will receive. Emeralds and anvils are converted into gold according to market average price.

That's all news, hero!