Coming Soon: The Grand Arena!

Are you waiting for captivating tactical battles at Grand Arena, hero? Then here's some info on who'll make these battles so interesting! As you've already understood, in every war there is an aggressor guild and defender guild. Since the Titans are the justest demiurgesin all the endless Necklace, they've ordered to assign some help for the defending guilds - mighty Golems.
What are Golems, you may ask? Oh, that's the Titans' great creation! Virtually invincible and indestructible, Golems specialize on defensive funtions - one can heal; another significantly boosts Health and Shield for defenders during a battle; the third -summons Souls into a battle, to share mana with fighters. And what makes Golems so mighty? There is a simple answer - Deities' Blood! It's this precious ingredient that charges Golems with energy and helps them in combat. Hence the Titans recommend you - don't sleep, stash Blood; War is nigh, hero!
That's all news, have fun!