Summer Heat

Great news, hero! The Titans, warned that battles with some deities cost quite a dime (making deity decimation scope insufficient), have brought costs on killing all one world’s deities to the common denominator!

Aside from that, Necklace world demiurges set eyes on the masks and decided that some masks’ general characteristics (specifically Defender, Robber, Champion, and Horror) don’t fit their vision. And they have immediately restored order! By the way, it’s not the last change in the masks they’ve planned.

And a bit more about order. Apparently, taming the Unknown worlds’ monsters (Skeletons and Worms) isn’t impossible, so now in the marked lairs heroes are being awaited by new pets. Besides, banishing and killing raiding monsters of lvl 10 and 11 will be taken into account in all guild quests. And one more thingy – in Blacksmith’s chest now one can find essences for upgrading Dodger and Marshal masks. Beauty and order must prevail!

And here are the new rules of how the masks work! Since today, you characteristics will be boosted not only by the single mask you're wearing, but all the same set' masks you own, with all the upgradess taken into account. It concerns all characteristics, including those displayed with stars: Strength, Dexterity, Durability, and Precision. Now you, hero, shouldn't forget about upgrading all the masks of one set, not just the last one; and no more worries about funds spent on boosting masks for raids on Deities!For greater convenience, the Titans have changed a bit mask set display in My House.

Hurry up to test yourself, while equilibrium is upset, and Lair monsters haven't yet fit in with the new heroes!

No more news for now, hero, look forward to the new ones!