New Heroes

Army of Eagles and Lions arrives to your reinforcement, hero! Behold the new masks from Hero set - Marshal of Eagles and Marshal of Lions!

Маршал Орлов Маршал Орлов

To obtain Marshal masks you have to take part in completion of any 450 Guild quests (taking part means at least 1 point of participation in quest fulfillment).

Troubling news, hero! Mages and Shamans of the Necklace note increased magic activity in Colonnade and Mysterious cave!

The first teams of adventurers report a huge Scorpion that appeared on the lairs' lower levels. Cradle Fort Commander calls upon all active guilds to research the tactics to defeat the fearful monster! The first guild to defeat the scorpion will be rewarded with one epic Titan set item per winning group member (only a victory on Deity heroic mode will count).

Шлем Титана

As usually, a win at any mode will bring heroes Blood of Deity, and at the heroic mode — perfect alchemy runes and epic Titan's Armor. Each hero will be rewarded with Selket Totem for the first defeat of the Deity at any mode.

Minor changes have occurred to guild's main screen appearance. Guild leaders now can leave messages to all the guild in Daily issue.

Some hot news come blown by the winds of the Necklace! Very soon Grand Arena will open its gates, and the mightiest guilds will be able to battle for possession of unique Dragon masks!
Four best mask sets, Premium, Chill, Horror and Inferno, have received a followup. Aside from common set' battle techniques, every Dragon has a unique combat bonus, making him a most powerful weapon of mass destruction! All the heroes can check out the Dragons in their houses.

One might ask, what will happen at Grand Arena? It's a secret for now! Yet there are rumors claiming battles there will be so fierce that only Deities' blood will quench fighters' thirst. And the more blood a hero can use, the bigger winning odds are!

Кровь Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси
Besides, about Blood. Many adventurers have complained about Momos' normal mode difficulty. Titans heard these angry rants and have made Momos a bit easier.

That's all news, hero.