Bosses Attack

Three Lairs at once now have an additional guild mode: mighty Ulfhednar, furious Furfur and fierce Momos are waiting for you, hero. As a reward for a win all heroes are guaranteed to receive a unit of Deity's blood. Meanwhile, the chances to receive Titans' Ring, Earring and Amulet have grown!

Кровь Акатанануси Тотем Акатанануси Кровь Акатанануси
Totems can be repaired with flasks of Deity's blood; all heroes who defeat the Deity for the first time will be rewarded with a Totem immediately. Those who defeated Ulfhednar, Furfur and Momos in the past, have already received corresponding totems! All current Irkuyem Totems have become "ancient", retaining their features intact.

For every intruding hero, that dared to interrupt a fight with a Deity, Titans will increase chances for receiving an epic item.

Please, draw your attention to the fact that requirements for entering any mode with Ulfhednar, Furfur and Momos were changed. All modes now require masks from Cradle instead of Flameworld; success in using combat abilities required to defeat a Deity is now dependent on certain characteristics of a hero (how and which ones - you'll see in the battle).

Превосходная руна "Ртуть" Превосходная руна "Ртуть" Превосходная руна "Ртуть"
Good news for those who want to repair his gear! From now on you can repair it by a certain number of durability points. Hit the button "repair' on any item. And Robberies now bring Shards similar to those that can be received by spraying items in the Forge.

That is all for today, hero!