New Guild Mode

Good news everyone! Now Bears' Lair has also got an additional guild mode. At this mode heroes will face Irkuyem and a group of Reckless boars (rival guild is banned from entering this mode). As a reward for a win all heroes are guaranteed to receive a unit of Irkuyem's blood each; 40 units can be used in the Forge to craft Irkuyem Totem level 4 with 40 durability points. This totem will add 28 of Fury as well as rpovide a random perfect Fury bonus or respective level.

Кровь Акатанануси Тотем Акатанануси

Irkuyem Totem can be repaired using flasks of his blood; all heroes who defeat the Deity for the first time will be rewarded Totem immediately. Those who defeated the giant bear in the past, have already received their totems! All current Irkuyem Totems have become "ancient", retaining their features intact.

Chance of receiving Titans' Boots has also grown, and the Titans will additionally increase the chance to receive an epic item for every member of rival guild who comes to support Irkuyem.

Шлем Титана

Mercury the perfect rune has been replaced with a new one - Gold; its features remain the same - turning perfect gear into epic one of the same level. Every group win at heroic guild regime will be rewarded with 10 such runes.
All modes now require masks from Cradle instead of Flameworld; success in using combat abilities required to defeat a Deity is now dependent on certain characteristics of a hero (how and which ones - you'll see in the battle).

Furthermore, the Guild Mode in the Abandoned Mine is temporarily unavailable on the orders of Titans.

That is all for today!