Defender of the Portal

Titans are finally satisfied - Portal to the Unknown worlds is under protection now! Hurry up to join the ranks of Portal Defenders and receive a new mask from the Defender range. Mask acquiring conditions can be found in My House.

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Interesting news are awaiting for guild members - all common guild quests (not related to currency purchase or sale) have obtained an additional stage (50.000 points), whose achievement will grant all guild heroes 4 keys from Arena Master's chest! The previous stage (10.000) has remained intact.

Crystal reserve and Gold reserve quests have been given the whole two new stages (25.000 and 50.000 points), which are rewarded with 4 keys of Blacksmith's Chest (for 25.000 points) and Merchant's Chest (50.000 points).

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And finally a small yet nice bonus. All heroes of level 6 or higher can compete a new Lucky leg quest and be rewarded with gold, crystals, and a key for every chest. What should be done for that? Ask Owner of the Tavern!

Meanwhile, intriguing news have arrived from the Cradle - a new (additional) guild mode has appeared in Boar's lair. At this mode a team of brave adventurers from the same guild (3-5 people) will be met by Akatananusi alone (rival guild is banned from entering this stage). As a reward all the heroes are guaranteed to receive a unit of Akatananusi blood. This blood is magic! 40 units can be transformed in the Forge into Akatananusi totem level 4 with 40 durability points which will add hero 32 damage points, as well as a random perfect damage bonus of a respective level.

Кровь Акатанануси Тотем Акатанануси

Do you consider 40 units of blood for Akatananusi totem crafting too many? Fine, every hero who slains a vile deity for the first time, receives one such totem from the Fort Commander, and Necklace's mages and shamans will teach how to use this blood to restore durability of the received (or crafted) totem. Deal? Great! All heroes who defeated Akatananusi in the past get 1 totem each (check your backpacks and storages). Deity's blood will be displayed in hero's backpack; all Blood items have been removed from the Market; gold spent on commission is returned. All current Akatananusi totems have become "ancient", retaining their features.

Шлем Титана

And what about the previous (non-simplified) mode, one might ask? Oh, but it's doing great! Firstly, chance of obtaining Titan's helmet has been increased; moreover, every adversary from a rival guild who's come by to help Akatananusi, will be rewarded by Titans with additional increase of chance to receive epic quality gear!

Secondly, every group of heroes that defeats Deity at the normal difficulty level will acquire 10 perfect Mercury runes, which could be used in the Forge to transform current perfect gear into temporary epic gear (using Alchemy). Yes, by Titans' decree all essence splinters were transformed into runes of the respective level. Don't get spooked.

At all the modes now the masks of the Cradle rather than Flameworld are required; success in utilizing combat abilities needed to triumph over Deity is now dependent on certain characteristics of a hero (how and which ones? You'll see in the battle). Yet the number of Guild Keys available simultaneously is increased to 5, and their renewal time is decreased to 6 hours.

And finally - in honour of such a notorious event the Fort Commander will provide 50% discount on creating private guilds or closing existing ones! Discount will be valid for 7 days till the 29th of April. And the ubiquitous Merchant has added into the Blacksmith's chest the essences needed to strengthen Portal Defender's masks.

No more news for now, hero, but there will certainly be more soon!