Enter the Battle

I don't know what your best friend Merchant has devised, but he isn't himself all day long. Walks in circles, mumbles something about his Shop. Even visited the Treasury. Demanded that stuff in Chests was put in order, so rewards inside them changed their places. Not simply changed! Merchant added new rewards, having previously removed all blacksmith material, from smithies to emeralds. Among new rewards potions and artifacts have appeared, which your avatar can use for 24 hours in Arena of Glory, while you're not in the Necklace. Before leaving, Merchant added that price for opening a Chest is changed, and instead of random prize for daily quests heroes will receive Keys from these Chests. However, the Guild Shop will stop working any time soon, don’t miss your chance to use your Guild Tokens!

Ключ Ключ

You think that's the end of the story? No way! Just before he sterted Guild Shop ruined by the Three... Don't worry, he has taken all the goods to his Shop, and those that haven't fit on the shelves, put in the Chests. So, before that he visited Arena Master! Went himself, wasn't even too lazy for that. Persuaded Master, to change the order of isuuing Treasury Chest Keys, to suit his best friend. Perhaps he meant you. Done. Now getting into Silver League will get a hero 2 Keys from Blaksmith's Chest, and getting into the Gold one - 2 Keys from Arena Master's Chest.

Thanks to Merchant now getting a new level will bring more gold, Keys from Treasury Chests and even crystals!

Золото Кристаллы

All these changes stirred by your best friend even led to the fact that pets are now behaving differently. Those feeding on gold have started to bring loot more often, and those feeding on crystals have started bringing special loot - mask totems. Forpets feeding on crystals to conform to their owner, at levels 4, 7 and 10 of this owner the latter receives an item, which helps upgrading the pet to that level.

Питомец Питомец Питомец

Hero, you're facing new challenges from Arena Master! In worlds of Eagles and Lions instead of usual Arena of Glory Arena of Champions will operate (don't worry, Arenas of Glory will stay available in Cradle and Flameworld, if you need them so much). What are the rules at Arena of Champions, you may ask? I'll explain.

Ключ Ключ Ключ

Every hero, whose Champion rating was no lower than 1500, receives a place in Arena of Champions rating (you can check your place at the Arena itself). Dependent on the place in rating, each hero who fights at least one battle, at the end of the day will receive (20:00, Moscow time) a wonderful reward. The higher the place - the tastier the reward, remember that. One more great news - in "Settings" you can change time of receiving a reward for a more convenient one, but it could be done no more often than once in 14 days.

How to change your place? Very easy - defeat heroes whose place is higher than yours. Every time you'll be offered 3 available adversaries, whose list can be renewed (for free!).
With every victory you'll exchange places with the beaten enemy. For instance you had 100-th place, and your enemy was 86-th, if you win you become 86th, and he/she - 100th. It doesn't matter whether your enemy is in the necklace, you can attack them anyway.

At Arena of Champions the same Champion's potions and artifacts can be used as at Arena of Glory.

Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты ЧемпионаЗелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона

Blacksmith hurries to deliver the latest news, hero ! Sweet mead has born its fruits , and Blacksmith has finally finished improving his tools - since now upon spraying items there is a chance to receive a smithy in concordance with item quality (and for basic items - up to three of them) or an emerald (if rare or perfect items are sprayed, but only one is received).

But good news from Forge aren't over. In honour of the holiday (at least that's what Blacksmith said) Alchemy has become absolutely (i.e. totally) free! But number of splinters to transform items of some levels has been slightly increased. Let's praise Blacksmith's kindness and taste of his sweet drink! Along with that Alchemy for level 10 items has become available.
However, it should be noted that essence splinters can't be found in the Darkside any more (Mages and Shamans are investigating this issue, yet haven't found an answer yet), thus the only way to receive alchemy items - Arena Master's Chest.

Ключ Ключ Ключ

Guild masters gladden us with great news – completing guild quests has become even simpler: number of Points necessary to complete them is now reduced to 10.000, and each player’s possible contribution doesn’t depend on their level anymore. Along with that, “Reserve” and “Stream” quests (“Gold” as well as “Crystal”) have been enriched with additional rewards – Arena Master’s and Blacksmith’s chest keys.

Ключ Ключ Ключ

At Arena Master’s request a new guild quest “Champion Praising” has been added, whose completion requires fighting at the new Arena of Champions.

And most importantly – winds of the Necklace have brought a good news: acquiring “Hero” line masks, Guard and Commander, is now available!

Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона Зелья и артефакты Чемпиона

In the Merchant’s chest, the long-awaited 4th mask of “Horror” line is awaiting – “Jack the Miller”!

Nevertheless, it ain’t the best part; from now on, a felicitous opening is guaranteed to grant you the main reward! And keep in mind that the chance of getting the main reward upon basic (not felicitous) opening has been increased significantly! Let’s praise Merchant’s kindness and generosity.

That is it, Hero!