Strong Pets

I have a new pet, hero! It is amazing. You have pets, don't you? If not, you should get one. The anticipation of coming events made these wonderful companions give higher bonuses to heroes' attributes and smaller penalties.

Pet Pet Pet

The Arena Master has temporarily restricted access to the Store at the Arena of Glory and demanded to withdraw the Butcher's mask from sales temporarily. they say that the Master is preparing something special. While preparations are going on, he has ordered to celebrate well new achievements of heroes, both reaching a new level or entering a League.

League Level

Certain changes also occurred in quests in the Necklace of the Worlds as well. Storyline quests in Army's worlds were changed, and certain daily quests have also been introduced. These quests are available to those who have successfully investigated murders in the Cradle.

People will seek your assistance, so be attentive, hero, nobody will turn down your help!