New Masks

Do you wait for new masks, hero? Great, I have some good news for you! I put the Shihab and Cthulhu Santa masks into my Chest. Which Chest exactly? The Merchant's Chest, of course. Be the first to get them.

Also, have you felt the tremors in the Cradle? Walls of the Fort of the Reborn almost crushed and all inhabitants were terrified, but luckily everything turned out well. Probably, those tremors were caused by the Three... Or maybe be it is the help from the Titans. The earthquake caused a landslide in the Lairs of the Cradle. Rockfall blocked the entrances to the heroic modes of all Lairs.

Fortunately, this accident won't prevent you to get masks, equipment and pets in the Cradle. You will access your pets once you buy a House in the Army World. Speaking of which, while trying different masks in your House, you can now see how is it differs from the previous one. You should be grateful to our Masters for this improvement.

Маска Сурта Пылающий клинок Сурта

By the way, you will get much more gold for completing plot quests from now on! Imagine how much you now can purchase! Concerning the purchases, new premium mask could not have come at a better time! I am talking about the Surtr mask! This is a very powerful avatar. You can learn how to get this mask from Mages and Shamans of the Flameworld. If you already received an access to the Flameworld, take a look at new quests.

Эфес Пылающего клинка Лезвие Пылающего клинка Пламя Пылающего клинка

See you soon!