The Struggle Enters a New Round!

Hero, how many loyal friends do you have? You need as many as possible to secure a victory! In that regards, Masters of the Necklace of the Worlds have extended your houses in the Army World and in the Flameworld. Chambers of your house is now big enough to fit even a Gargoyle. Or any other pet that you like the most.

Питомец Питомец Питомец

You can find pets in Lairs. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to tamer it. Your new loyal friend will improve your characteristics. You can use only one pet, but you can store a whole collection of them in your house. And please, don’t forget to care your pet. They eat gold or crystals, depending on the pet’s type. Don’t make it starve, otherwise it will loose its strength and you will have to reactive your pet for additional fee. You can’t store two pets of the same type in your house, so you will have to dismiss the old one, to get a new pet. But remember, that in this case all resources, that were spent on that pet, won’t be restored.

Питомец Питомец Питомец
Питомец Питомец Питомец
Питомец Питомец Питомец

By the way, I mentioned Gargoyle... I heard that the Merchant has placed it in his Chest in the Treasury. If you can be friends with the Gargoyle, it will significantly increase your health.
Among other things, your active pets can serve you even better. While you are away from the Worlds of Necklace, they hunt! It happens once a day. The more active pets you have, the greater is the chance of successful hunting. Pets can bring Totems, rare and even perfect items!

Тотем Тотем Тотем
Превосходная экипировка Превосходная экипировка Превосходная экипировка

Heroes, I think you all know that we are not responsible for what your friends have eaten. Thus, find a loyal friend right now! You are stronger together!

Meanwhile, the power of the Three is growing. They succeeded to change monsters’ characteristics in the Army Worlds and in the Flameworld. But our masters not waste any time. They managed to improve masks and their enchantment, so now you can fight back.


Also, don’t forget to explore the Shop. The Merchant decreased the cost of all potions: 3500 for regular potions and 2 for rare potions.

Зелье Зелье Зелье Кинжал

Heroes of level 3 or lower, that succeeded to enter the Army Worlds, will receive a new quest. The Fort Commander have lost control of the situation and now Priest is waiting for your help. Each quest from this quest series will bring you a Star of the Hero. This item will double the exp points received for a whole hour. Complete all quests to get additional reward from the Fort Commander - Keys for all Chests and Werewolf totem.

Задания Задания Задания Задания
Задания Задания Задания Задания

And last but not least, the Masters of the Necklace of the Worlds was able to recreate a Rare Star of the Hero. It lasts 3 hours and can be received for completing plot quests in the Army Worlds.

Звезда героя Редкая звезда героя

As you can see, the strugle continues! And we hope that you will win!