Black friday

An unholy spawn of the Other Worlds has manifested itself in the Necklace, to avenge its last year's defeat and reap its terrifying harvest. They say that it is the Nightmare Catcher himself! He brought countless hordes of monstrous creatures with him. Among them is unimaginable Furfur!

Rally up to 10 loyal fellow members of your guild. You will all need the Masks of Champion, the Beast and Berserker, it is impossible to reach Furfur without them. All members of the group must have a minimum total value of Mask improvements, measured in skulls, equal to at least 8 for the Champion, 8 for the Beast, 16 for Berserker.

Маска Маска Маска Маска

The defeat of Furfur
will allow you to take the monster's blood - using 3 portions of this ingredient, you can create Furfur's Totem at the Forge. This is a fine way to increase your Damage.

Кровь Тотем

By the way! Apparently, the Merchant is celebrating something! How else to explain that allpotions with the price in gold are half off, and potions for crystals now have 70% discount! Hurry up while they are still in stock. Dicounts will end in one week.

Зелье Зелье Зелье
Зелье Зелье Зелье

Now the next thing... Some minor problems with supplies of honey made the Blacksmith finally clean up the Forge. From now on you won't have to rifle through a pile of junk, to sort out, where this or that thing is stored. During the cleanup the Blacksmith has found a volume of one very old book on Alchemy. Now this new action is available in the Forge. Any Hero may turn rare equipment items into perfect items!


The equipment made with the use of Alchemy disappears in 30 days. Don't forget to get new by that time. But, as for the other attributes, you won't find any differences, as compared with similar equipment from the Treasury. The number of enhancements, as well as therelevant attributes totally transfers from an old item to a new one, along with the bonus, which will be applied to the same characteristic or fighting skill, to the same number of stars. The received items may not be repaired, melted, enhanced or reforged.

Предмет Предмет Предмет

For each alchemic transformation you will need special resources - Essences Shards. You will be able to find Essences Shards on the Darkside of a corresponding world.

Осколки Осколки Осколки

I hope your skills in Alchemy will help you a lot in fighting enemies, hero. When we meet next time, you will surely be equipped perfectly.

And the last thing. The Arena Master asked me to tell you, that to reach the leagues on the Arena of Glory you need to collect an appropriate number of trophies - 500 for Bronze, 1000 for Silver, 2000 for Gold, 3500 for Crystals. The maximum possible number of trophies - 7500.

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