Mushroom Peakers

Autumn has come to the worlds of the Necklace, and the Priest yearns to ask ye, brave warrior, but a humble question:
- Do you like shrooms? Shrooms, shrooms. Yeah, shrooms.
- Mushrooms!
Since autumn is a high time to hit a forest for mushrooms; for it's the only season in the worlds of the Necklace when certain potion ingredients grow... Deadly ingredients of a deadly potion, whose deadliness may only be rivaled by its foul smell. Ingredients of the Mushroom picker's revenge!
Arise and go to the forest, Hero. Be the first to collect Mushroom picker's revenge and strike down upon your enemies with its great vengeance. Let's see how good Mushroom pickers you are, Heroes.

Another good news!

New season of Flame has started in the Arena of Gladiators. Seems autumn's gonna be hot. Now only heroes of the same army will get on the same side of the battlefield. Time to finally see who's stronger - Eagles or Lions!

New Masks Upgrades

Rarog and Angmar are long defeated by brave Heroes, so Mages and Shamans have managed to find a way to get their masks. So today you, Hero, can upgrade masks of Reaper and Elemental up till the highest quality level. Skeleton and Golem essences required for these upgrades can be found in the Blacksmith's Chest or in the Darkside.
Arena Master has slightly amended Avatars` behavior in the Arena of Champions. From now on, Avatars don't use Mana Stream and use only one Stun per battle (and use no Disarming at all), аnd number of Champion potions that an Avatar can use within one battle is limited by his Hero's belt size (3 potions per each belt slot available). Aside from this, an Avatar is now copying Hero`s pet's abilities.

The new chamber of the Angkor adventure is now life. Prepare yourself to face the new difficulties that await you in the new part of ultimate Angkor Threasures adventure.

The Titans decided to chance the Defender mask. "Stone skin" combat skill works like this from on: with a chance dependent on Defender's and the opponents Fury comparison, the Stone skin absorbs part of the damage dealt; using this combat skill now costs 30 mana.
That's all, more fresh news coming soon, Hero!