Terms and conditions
1. General provisions.

1.1. Time to Be a Hero project is available on the Internet at: http://www.timetobehero.com/ (further referred to as the Game), and is designed for simultaneous, 24/7 use by a high number of people (further referred to as Users), who have received access to the Game and view, copy or otherwise use Game’s materials and components, available at the aforementioned address. 1.2. Game materials and components are the following: any text, photographic image, graphics, as well as any data in visual, audio or audiovisual, or in any other form allocated at the Game resources, as well as any materials allocated at any other website or webpage, referring to the Game resources.
1.3. The Game involves a group of Users ensuring development and updating the Game laws and rules of conduct, as well as enforcing them. Game laws and rules of User conduct, as well as penalties for their violation, do not contradict this Agreement, yet clarify its general provisions. Laws and rules of conduct established in the Game must be followed by all Users. A penalty may be appealed in accordance with Game regulations and procedures. The Administration might penalize Users without adhering to the existing list of penalties or their terms applied within the gaming process.
1.4. Game owner (further referred to as Administration) agrees to provide Users access to the Game free of charge. Users access the Internet at their own expense. Administration provides Users additional paid services, whose list and conditions of provision are defined by this Agreement or other announcements by the Administration.

Prevezis, 13, 1st floor, Flat/office 101, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +7(495) 646 11 90
Email: support@timetobehero.com

2. Subject of Agreement.

2.1. Administration provides Users the opportunity to use the Game 24/7 except for the time of maintenance or any other service works, or other circumstances preventing Users from accessing the Game; a User, having selected their log in name (character name) and a password that allow identifying them among other Users of the Game, will use the Game strictly in accordance with its rules and this Agreement.
2.2. In case a User violates this Agreement, Administration may deny them further use of the Game.
2.3. Underage Users must approve their use of the Game and its additional paid services with their parents or legal guardians.

3. User`s rights and obligations.

3.1. User may register several characters in the Game and use each character solely for private purposes. Login (character name) must be adequate to generally accepted notions of morality and ethics.
3.2. A User has right to change their password at any convenient time in accordance to Game procedures. Changing other attributes of User’s character is defined by the Game’s laws and regulations.
3.3. User has right to submit complaints and suggestions related to using the Games to a special group of Users, or via e-mail to the addresses specified in the Game.
3.4. User may receive, provide and perform paid services in the Game if these are designed by its software algorithms, or only through the authorized representatives of the Administration, whose details are specified by the Administration in open information sources of the Game.
3.5. User is obliged to ensure secrecy of their password, email addresses and other data, the disclosure of which may entail negative consequences for the user. The User is solely responsible for all risks and losses related to this.
3.6. At the request of the Administration, a User is obliged to provide credible information about themselves that identifies the owner of the characters in the Game.
3.7. User may not take advantage of software errors, and shall immediately inform the Administration of them, as well as of the people using the errors.
3.8. User may not interfere with the program code, obtain unauthorized access to the computer system of the Administration, to obtain, without proper authorization of the Administration, access to the Game User database or other materials which are not publicly available on the Internet at the resources of Administration.
3.9. User is obliged to inform the Administration about all illegal activities committed in the Game by other characters and people.
3.10. User may not distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords to access characters of the Game, or to distribute links to sites with similar information, as well as to perform other actions aimed at taking advantage of the Game opportunities and benefitting from them through illegal actions towards other characters.
3.11. User is obliged to treat other Users of the Game and the Administration with respect; not to use profanity; not to denigrate actions of other players and the Administration; not to use veiled terminology or jargon; or threaten others with violence and physical harm; not to distribute materials promoting aversion or hatred of any race, religion, culture, nation, ethnicity, language, politics, ideology or social movement; not to advertise porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, as well as perform other similar actions.
3.12. User has no right to restrict access to other Users or other parties to the Game, as well as has no right to transfer to another person or a different User the name and the password of their character.
3.13. User agrees not to perform any act contrary to the rules of the Game, norms of the current Russian or international law.
3.14. User is not allowed to advertise other resources in the Game, to compare any parameters or characteristics of the goods, services, and other aspects of the Game with other Internet resources.
3.15. User may not use Game resources, as well as an external gaming paraphernalia for personal material gain.
3.16. User is personally responsible for conduct of their financial transactions; the Administration is not responsible for performing financial activities between the players concerning transferring funds of the players, carried out by algorithms not designed for the Game, or not according to procedures prescribed by the Administration for such actions, as well as transferring players’ own funds between the them at their own agreement.
3.17. Since all services are provided to the User "as is" without any warranty on the part of the Administration, the User agrees not to appeal to the Administration concerning the quality, quantity, order and terms of Game facilities and services provided.
3.18. User agrees that in the event of a breach of their duties, Administration may at any time discontinue providing them services under this Agreement; as well as to perform other actions that restrict Game opportunities, with respect to the User or groups of Users who accompany the violations.

4. Administration`s rights and obligations.

4.1. Administration will make every effort to prevent crashes, but cannot be held responsible for any technical failures and interruptions in the game, regardless of the causes of such failures.
4.2. Administration is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of User’s use or non-use of Game-related information and the game itself.
4.3. Administration is not responsible to the User for the actions of other users.
4.4. Administration has right to remove or alter any content posted by a User on the resources of the Game without the prior consent of the User, if such information has a negative impact on the reputation of the Game, other players, the Administration or its partners.
4.5. Administration agrees not to disclose information about the User, posted by them upon registration of the character, except for cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
4.6. Administration undertakes not to change the login and password of a User without their consent, except for cases stipulated by this Agreement.
4.7. Administration undertakes to improve the hardware and software complex, but does not guarantee that the game software does not contain errors, the hardware never performs beyond the operating parameters and will function without breaches.
4.8. Administration is not responsible for loss or other damage incurred by the User due to their unqualified actions and actions of third parties.

5. Paid Game services.

5.1. User may use paid Game services offered by the Administration. Cost, nature of the services, the procedure of purchase and payment are set by the Administration.
5.2. Administration informs Users about paid services offered, their cost and the method of acquisition in the open information sourtces on the official Game resource - www.timetobehero.com. When making payments for the right to use paid services, User agrees to follow instructions of the respective payment systems and payment methods chosen by the User, as well as conditions of payment established by the Administration.
5.3. Administration has the right to change the number and volume of paid services offered, their price, name, type, and the effect of using them at any time.
5.4. Paid services can be purchased by User via specified software algorithms, or only from individuals sanctioned by the Administration to provide these services. User shall bear all risks associated with acquisition of any services in violation of the procedure and conditions specified in this Agreement.
5.5 User agrees to provide valid data for payments. User shall bear all the risks of adverse effects associated with the provision of incorrect data when making payments.
5.6. If due to a technical error during the payment the User will be given access to paid services to the extent expressly inappropriate to the amount paid, the User must immediately inform the Administration. Administration will make every effort to ensure that the User is granted access to paid services in the amount paid by the User.
5.7. User hereby acknowledges that they have the right to use selected payment methods and (or) mediums of payment for access to the use of paid services, while respecting rights of third parties, and (or) the law of the country in whose territory the use of Game and (or) the payment is performed.
User agrees to indemnify the Administration, other Game Users and any third parties all damages incurred by them in connection with the unlawful conduct of the User, including the use of funds not belonging to them in order to pay for access to paid services.
Unless otherwise stuipulated by this Agreement or applicable law, the Administration reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate User's access to the Game, and (or) to the paid services, if there is a suspicion of unlawful actions by the User related to the payment for these services. The Administration is not obliged to pay a compensation of any kind to such User, including cash compensation, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement or the applicable law.
If the Administration has reasons to believe that the User commits illegal actions related to the payment for access to paid Game services, the Administration has the right to convey relevant information to law enforcement agencies to carry out checks concerning this matter.
5.8. User is aware that in the course of gameplay the access to paid services in the amount acquired can be terminated by the Administration in accordance with this Agreement (as a result of their consumption, exchange for other paid services or game elements, if allowed by Game functionality and gameplay, the expiration of access to the paid services, suspension or termination of access to the game in accordance with this Agreement, etc.) or for other reasons, and it does not enable the User to demand the Administration to refund acquired access rights to paid Game services, except as stated in this Agreement and legislation.
In the case of apermanent ban of User's character or blocked access to the Game, as well as in other cases of termination of player`s use of the Game, the Administration does not compensate the paid services purchase, nor does it cover the cost of unused paid services.
5.9. Administration does not undertake the exchange of any paid services and (or) Game elements for other paid services and (or) Game elements, as well as for cash or non-cash money, unless otherwise expressly permitted by the Rules of the Game.
5.10. Administration does not reimburse a User the costs associated with the acquisition of access to the paid Game services, except cases expressly stated in this Agreement or in the legislation.

6. Final provisions.

6.1. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees that they use Game service at their own free will and at their own risk. All services are provided to the User "as is" without any warranty on the part of the Administration to notify of the changes in the gameplay (unless otherwise stated).
6.2. Administration does not give the User any guarantee that they will benefit or profit from the use of the Game. Moreover, the User agrees not to appeal to the Administration concerning the quality of the services rendered, as well as about any possible damage caused to them as a result of use of and access to the Game.
6.3. The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite time and does not imply the end of the term of this Agreement.
6.4. Administration has the right, after notifying Users, to withdraw from this Agreement and cease to provide services without any financial compensation to the User (except for the return of User`s own free funds on their game account, which haven't been exchanged for the Game currency) unilaterally.
6.5. All changes and amendments to this Agreement are an integral part of it and are binding on upon publication on public resources of the Game.
6.6. The text of this Agreement may be changed by the Administration without any special notification of the User by publishing a new version of the Agreement on public resources of the Game.
6.7. This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of publication or from the date of its update o the Game website, and for those registering anew, from the moment of selection and clicking the respective option to accept the terms of this Agreement.
6.8. By accepting this Agreement, the User confirms that their age is not less than 18 full years
6.9. By accepting terms of this Agreement the User agrees to including their data provided upon registration into the “Time to Be a Hero” project base, and its processing (including but not limited to collection, sorting, accumulation and storage), and its use for the sake of notification mailing.
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